Blue Dragons



Scratched Record Memories

by Blue Dragons

Released 2015
Released 2015
The Blue Dragons showcase their rock roots and affinity for classic rock ballads with their second album release Scratched Record Memories


by The Blue Dragons Band

Released 2010
Released 2010
Sultry Folk-Rock with hip dipping grooves and classic diva vocals
The Blue Dragons recorded their first experimental project at Possum Palace Studio with producer Bill Melanson in Asheville the Spring of 2010.

The Blue Dragons (whose lineup includes Xpress advertising director James Fisher on bass and vocals) recently released 5, a sultry, folk-rock-tinged EP. While this band doesn’t play out all too often, their EP is sure to convince more than a few listeners to catch a live show if, for no other reason, than the …
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Blue Dragons
The Blue Dragons


This is the closing encore from the Live at Biltmore Park's Town Square recording. The Dragons  end the show with an Eyes of the World > Oh Well > Driving Song (sandwich from first set).