Blue Dragons




by The Blue Dragons Band

Released 2010
Released 2010
Sultry Folk-Rock with hip dipping grooves and classic diva vocals
The Blue Dragons recorded their first experimental project at Possum Palace Studio with producer Bill Melanson in Asheville the Spring of 2010.

The Blue Dragons (whose lineup includes Xpress advertising director James Fisher on bass and vocals) recently released 5, a sultry, folk-rock-tinged EP. While this band doesn’t play out all too often, their EP is sure to convince more than a few listeners to catch a live show if, for no other reason, than the dusky, languid lead vocals of Sara Judy. Her signing is beautifully framed by the winsome, deliciously melancholy track “Leaves.” It’s a slow rocker, all hip-dipping and Grateful Dead reminiscent (and obviously that long-touring group is an influence — if the tastefully jammy solos aren’t evidence enough, a name check in “Picking Up the Pieces” should be). Fisher and guitarist/harmonica player/vocalist Ed Dewey share writing duties. Dewey’s themes seem a bit more retrospective while Fisher’s songs are nicely funky and dance-y. “Head In The Clouds” is a swanky, fun track with plenty of thick bass and shimmery cymbals. (Listen to part of the track as well as others on the left.)